Fix Slow Internet! Boost Your Wi-Fi’s Range By 200%: Get Perfect Converge In Every Room

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Tired a slow Wi-Fi signal around your home or garden? Wi-Fi Booster™ can double your Wi-Fi range and signal strength. Fix connection problems. Increase internet speed where you have slow Wi-Fi. Never get frustrated again. Have perfect Wi-Fi in every inch of your home, office or garden.

Unlike other brands, our Wi-Fi Booster™ is super easy to setup. Just plug it into any wall socket. Then you’re basically ready to go.

  • Universal compatibility - Works with all Wi-Fi networks
  • 300Mbps wireless rate - Faster than anything you'll ever need
  • Easy install - Just plug in into any wall socket.
  • Ethernet socket included - Provide a wired interent connection to any device through Wi-Fi

  • Repeater function: The WiFi repeater extends the router WiFi signal to a larger range and enhances the Wi-Fi signal strength. It combines wired and wireless network connections, allowing multiple access points to be used without cable extensions.
  • WPS function: Wi-Fi protection settings. Simply press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi Extender. This will ensure that you have wireless encryption. Your network will be secure to prevent any external intrusions.
  • Wireless Access Point (AP): A Wi-Fi expander converts wired signals into wireless Wi-Fi signals. You can create a new Wi-Fi zone with your new SSID and password. This will give you complete Wi-Fi coverage. Great for many Wi-Fi enabled devices. Such as yours, smartphone, tablet, echo, wireless video doorbell, etc.
  • Client Access Point (AP): The Wi-Fi Extender can be used as a Wi-Fi Dongle with an RJ45 LAN port. Provide Wi-Fi enabled for your IP devices (such as IPTV, IP cameras, laptops, desktops, etc.) and connect to your wireless router.
  • High performance: Extend your Wi-Fi to 300Mbps. This unit has a high gain integrated internal antenna. Plug it in. Easy to set up and compatible with most brands of routers.

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