1.3-inch Full-round Touch Screen Heart Rate Blood Pressure Health Care Brightness Control BTV5.0 Smart Watch

$89.99 $49.98
Q2: How can I change the watch dial?
A2:  Long press the screen, you will enter the interface of the dial switch. You can see some small dot below the screen on the dial, indicating that you have entered the function of switching the interface, you can swipe right to select the interface you want. After you select the interface you want, click the interface, the system will automatically set as the main interface, and the small dots at the bottom of your screen will disappear.

Q3: Why doen't my HL2 startl?
A3:  The BW-HL2 needs to be connected to the charger for the first time use. If your BW-HL2 battery runs out, you need to charge it for a while before trying to activate your watch. And you can try to activate your BW-HL2 by pressing the screen for a long time.   

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